We are Assertive Multimedia

And we are ahead of the edge. What does it mean to be ahead of the edge? It means we push the limits of multimedia to the unimaginable. What’s considered cutting-edge today are things we’ve worked on decades ago. Virtual reality Augment reality…been there done that. For the future, we are beginning to explore and design interfaces for bio-metric controls and holodecks but we can still handle your basic multimedia requirements.

Early on

Our founder Anthony Brown started as A.R. Brown Enterprises Inc. after working as a lead developer or project lead for several major corporations including Clarity Multimedia, Coastal Training Technology, Computer Science Corporation, Northrop Grumman, and The Commonwealth of Virginia. Brown designed a number of interactive educational and training software modules from concept to completion using a combination of learned coding language andGOD given creativity and artistic skills. These e-training modules would be used by the US Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines), Department of Defense, OSHA, and the International Air Force Academy. Mr. Brown’s early innovations lead to him becoming a consultant on a successful COTS training development program by Macromedia.


Operating as Assertive Multimedia LLC our business is open to accepting Government, Commercial, and private contracting and capable of providing a variety of services from consulting to completion of any multimedia project.

We are constantly innovating in the field of multimedia offering futuristic solutions to the right now issues. We are developing a holodeck VR experience that doesn’t require goggles and can be shared by groups.

We are also developing biometric interfaces to use with Augmented reality scenarios.
While most companies are focusing on cutting-edge technology, our goal is to stay ahead of the edge and continue to build new imaginative platforms within the multimedia industry. We integrate technology into new experiences.