January 8, 2020

Assertive Multimedia is capable of providing our clients with the following multimedia development and consulting services:

Multimedia Development & Consultation– Multimedia development is not only our specialty it is our passion. If you have a Film, Video, Animation, Special Effect or Music Production need we can get you up and going.

Installation and Integration – We offer professional installation service of complete video surveillance systems, video conferencing solutions, projectors, televisions, and professional audio equipment.

Marketing Solutions – We offer marketing services to a variety of clients. Television, Radio, and internet advertising as well as print and logo development. Regardless of the type of business you have, we make it our business to market your business.

Custom App Development– Apps are all the rave and a must have if you are looking for a mobile solution. If you have an idea for a mobile application. Assertive Multimedia can turn your ideas into reality.

Website Development – Establish your online presence with your very own web site from Assertive Multimedia.

Online Training Development – We create complete online training systems and CMSs that can be used to train students or new employees on a variety of subjects and tasks. Our developer has created learning modules for use by public schools, colleges, and universities all the way up to courses for the U.S. Army Engineering Captain’s Certification Courses. Let Assertive Multimedia provide you with a development quote today.

Educational Modules – With many schools opting to have students attend classes remotely due to COVID-19, Delivering content, testing, and interacting with students can be a challenge. We are experts at developing web deliverable modules of educational content that can be integrated into a client’s existing platform.